I would like to thank Dr Mohammed Bilal who kindly wrote this review of his FRCR experience. He did FRCR in January 2020 and passed the exam. Below is his account of his revision strategy.

I’m Dr.Bilal from India, working as consultant radiologist for the past 3 years. I have finished my MD radiology in 2015. I have started my first FRCR exam on 2014 spring sitting. It’s been long and fruitful 6 years to complete my FRCR on January 2020.  I am very confident in day-to-day reporting in the last 3 years,because of FRCR.My strategy and attitude helped me to clear FRCR.
                      For the final FRCR 2B examination, I started my preparation gradually from January 2019 by reading all the nine Rad cases series books and finally with accident and emergency radiology by Nigel Raby(must read) and Top 3 differentials in radiology by William T. O’Brien (must read).
                                    Another must read book is Mayo clinic gastrointestinal imaging review by Daniel Johnson. You don’t have to read full book. Just read first 400 pages, it’s old book but it has excellent conventional barium studies images and very good explanation. And start doing all FRCR 2B long cases and Viva books 4 months before your exam and try to finish 1 month before examination.
                                            You need atleast 3 hours daily. Start preparing RR atleast 4 months prior to examination (After reading accident and emergency radiology by Nigel Raby). I started with 1 RR packet daily till my exam from FRCR scholar and free 40 RR packets from FRCR tutorials. Try to finish RR within 25 minutes, you will have remaining 10 minutes to review normal films again.
                                            Regarding long cases and Viva, I didn’t prepare separately for long cases. I used radiopaedia quiz mode for both long cases and viva, it has some 20000 cases. I finished almost some 4500 cases in 6 months. I used to type speedy, if you have problem in typing,prepare long cases separately.
                                            For Viva, I started practicing in front of mirror from 4 months before examination.  I attended all the free webinars by Dr.Amdad. His tips was very useful and helped me a lot. Then I used free 6 FRCR viva packets in radiopaedia, radiopaedia quiz mode and Dr.Amdad’s website cases. I’ve done some 25 viva cases daily for 4 months until my exams, So 25 cases * 120 days = 3000 cases from Radiopaedia. Some 600 cases from all the books and other websites.
                                    I Attended only Apollo RCR course which I found really useful as they conducted like real exam with same practique software and 4 Viva sessions where you can identify your weak points so that you can work on that. I’ve some financial issues, so I paid only for FRCR scholar and Apollo course. I worked very hard and I’ve formulated my own technique / Plan. I used mostly free resources only for my preparation.
                              Lastly, you have to formulate your preparation by seeing as much cases in the span of minimum 5 months before examination. Nowadays you have very useful and infinite amount of online radiology resources like Radiopaedia, Dr.Amdad website, FRCR tutorials etc. Attend Dr.Amdad’s free webinars every month, you will come to know how to present and discuss cases. Then you can fine tune your viva presentation. Be positive, confident and successful. All the best to all.


Accident and Emergency Radiology: A Survival Guide – MUST READ for Rapid reporting.

Final FRCR 2B Viva: A Survival Guide.

FRCR 2B Viva: A Case-based Approach

A Complete Guide to the Final FRCR 2B (MasterPass)

Long cases for the Final FRCR 2B

Top 3 Differentials in Radiology: A Case Review, Thieme publication – Must read

Chapman & Nakielny’s Aids to Radiological Differential Diagnosis.

Radiology Review Manual – Dahnert (Optional & for reference)

Grainger and Allison’s Essentials book (Not the two volume main book)

Mayo clinic gastrointestinal imaging review by Daniel Johnson.  Just read first 400 pages, it’s old book but it has excellent conventional barium studies

Author, Dr Mohammed Bilal Consultant Radiologist based at Medall diagnostics and scans, Tiruvannamalai branch. Tamil Nadu, India. Passed FRCR January 2020