Three Day 2B Viva Preparation Course

Delivered online so you can save on the costs of travel and receive teaching from the comfort of your home




  • 31st May and 1st June and 6th June 2021
  • 2nd June and 3rd June and 6th June 2021
  • 4th and 5th June and 6th June 2021

  • 7th and 8th September and 11th September 2021
  • 9th and 10th September and 11th September 2021

CONTACT DETAIL: Please message Dr Amdad Ahmed on +447825292556 for course details

Course Content


Whatsapp Support Group Starting Six Weeks Prior To The Exam.

Lectures ( Approximately Four Hours Available Online)

44 Practice Cases available on website with recorded model answers offering tips and tricks

THREE DAY COURSE, comprising Two Days of Viva Practice and One Day of Long Cases and Rapids

Day 1 and Day 2 covers 250 Viva Practice Cases

Day 3 involves three GI theme Long Case Packets and Three Rapid Reporting Packets (Including One Paeds Packets)

Information About the Course

The Course provides support for all three aspects of the exam.

We cover one day of pure plain film reporting and one day of cross sectional based imaging in the viva component of the exam.

The long cases have been designed to cover a range of cases typically encountered in the HPB, Upper and Lower GI MDT.

For the Rapids and Long Cases, there is access to recorded videos going through the cases with model answers.

Please message for a free MOCK exam to try this format if you have a place in the Exam



Terms and Conditions


  1. Contact the course organiser to check for availability of places. Only five places are available per course.
  2. The pre-course material including lectures and model answers are available One week before the course
  3. Long case and rapids are available on an online platform Delegates are required to have a computer and internet speed good enough for access. Refunds or discounts cannot be offered for people unable to access the material.  
  4. Access to the Long Case and Rapid answers is only for the designated Day of the Course.
  5. Zoom account. Delegates are required to create a zoom account and interact with the faculty to be familiar with the software before they sign for the course. No refunds are offered if you are unable to use the software on the day of the course. 
  6. The course organisers are not formally affiliated with the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists examination. The suggestions and cases shown are on the basis of our experience and are advisory. Registration for the course is non refundable. This cannot be transferred to a second candidate.
  7. This course does not have a sponsor licence as per the UK Border Agency under tier 4 of the points based system, we can however confirm that you have a place on a particular course.
  8. Video recording of material is prohibited during the course.
  9. If for unexpected reasons such as illness of the course organiser, equipment failure, severe weather or an adverse event i.e. terror incident the organiser reserves the right to cancel the course and provide a full refund for the course fee only.
  10. The organiser is not responsible for loss of money on travel or accommodation or perceived adverse performance in the exam in the event of a cancellation.